School Visits

Disclosure and Formation

A first look at what it is to be a scientist

A first look at what it is to be a scientist

Whenever possible, the Champalimaud Foundation opens its doors to welcome high-schoolers for a visit and to introduce them to the different areas of our work. This is particularly evident in the area of scientific research, and we foster open discussions between students/teachers and members of Champalimaud Research. During the visit, students also have the opportunity to see some of the scientists’ workspaces and to observe the atmosphere of a research centre.

All dates are now booked and no longer available. If we receive cancellations from registered schools we will contact the ones who have contacted us.

*October 26th | 13h45-15h45
*November 28th | 16h00-18h00
*December 5th | 16h00-18h00
*January 30th | 16h00-18h00
*February 28th | 13h45-15h45
*March 21st | 13h45-15h45 
*April 18th | 13h45-15h45
*May 29th | 14h45-16h45
*June 5th | 14h45-16h45

*These dates are already reserved.

> Following the current internal restrictions, the group visiting the CCU cannot exceed 15-20 people in total (including students and teachers);
> Each visit lasts around 2h;
> If several schools choose the same date, priority will be given to 12th graders and to schools that have never visited our centre;
> Confirmation of the school visit will be done via email two-four weeks before the date of the visit;
> Groups whose visits won’t be possible to accommodate will be notified via email two-four weeks before the chosen date.

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